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American Coffee

American coffee? Technically there is no such thing, at least none that is grown in North America. There is such a thing as the American coffee consumer which might as well be an institution all their own for it's their money that drives a substantial portion of the market.

Americans consume more coffee than any other nation on earth. Coffee companies in America revolutionized coffee marketing, packaging, distributing, and even processing and roasting in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. America has sent troops to other countries to protect coffee growers and exporters from civil unrest. Yes, America is in love with coffee.

Coffee even played a role in the birth of America. Early British colonists revolted against Britain taxing tea. They exerted their independence by throwing cases of English tea into Boston Harbor during the famed Boston Tea Party. The early American coffee drinker was seen as patriotic and independent.

American coffee retailers like Starbucks have created huge multi-billion dollar companies. They did this by providing the public not only a good cup of coffee but a relaxing place to socialize and drink their coffee. Starbucks did not invent the coffeehouse by any means. The earliest known coffeehouse opened in 1475 in Constantinople. But Starbucks

definitely revolutionized the experience for American coffee drinkers and carried the modern coffeehouse into the 21st century.

Americans have taken coffee with them into every war since the Revolution of 1776. Whether to stay awake in battle or as a comforting, soothing reminder of home in the midst of bleak and frightening conditions or both.

In fact, many wars have been fought over coffee and the lands on which it is grown. From small scale turf wars to full blown civil wars and political revolt. Such as in Nicaragua in the late 1800's and early 1900's.

Coffee has become an integral part of every society it has ever been introduced to from the time it was discovered about 600 A.D. There is definitely something about the dark, mysterious and tantalizing beverage that captivates the spirit and captures the imagination. American coffee drinkers are no different and have adopted the age old addiction with gusto.

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Written by: Randy Wilson

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