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A Look at Coffee Vending Machines -

Coffee vending machines are a way to provide people who like their coffee with an option to keep caffeinated all day. These machines take money, allow for customized selections (such as cream, sugar, and special flavors), dispense a paper or cardboard cup, and pour the liquid into the cup. The customer takes the cup out, and the coffee is steaming hot.

As with most other types of vending machines, coffee vending machines require the use of an electrical outlet. Make sure there is one nearby in a wall before getting too far into the negotiation process. It would be embarrassing to talk to the location owner at length and seal the deal, only to find that there is no way for your coffee to be heated up. It could mean a lot of extra work, too, if you were to arrive with the machine, install it, and otherwise spend your time and energy on what turns out to be a futile installation. Always carefully investigate a potential location.

Coffee vending machines vary in style and sophistication. You can get a coffee machine that only dispenses coffee, cream, and sugar; or you can get a machine that does

all that and also allows for different cup and corresponding volume sizes, varying levels of cream and sugar, or even lets the customer choose from a variety of gourmet brands. Maxwell House even sponsors coffee vending machines, so the customer will already be familiar with the brand. People can be very picky about their coffee.

But again, dont spend too much money on a machine, especially if your machine is the only way that people nearby are going to easily obtain their needed coffee for the day. Start small. Then work up to bigger and fancier machines only if the location owner requests it. You can roll the profits over to new machines after your existing models have proven worthy.

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Written by: Max Bellamy

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