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A Coffee Break From The Cares Of Life

There are times the world weighs down on you. And the city screams into your ears. When every hour seems like the rush hour and life passes by in a haze. Times when you know you've got to take your foot off the pedal. And find some place where your cares wont find you. Like the enchanting Orange County - Coorg, set amidst the cool, deep green coffee-laden hills of Coorg. Where you can leave behind the crowded cities and explore the pathways of nature. Forget the deafening world and listen to the silence. Speak to the forests. Be charmed by history. Stay spellbound by an exotic culture. And take and unforgettable coffee break!

Sip and you will be surprised. You'll wonder how Coorg, a little district in South India, has managed to retain such a distinctive culture in spite of successive rulers like the Kadambas, Gangas, Cholas, Hoysalas, the Vijayanagara Kings and the British. You'll discover legends garnished by the arrival of coffee taking you way back to the 17th century. You'll learn how

the rolling plantations of coffee and the plantation culture introduced by the British added colonial grandeur to this magic land.

Orange County - Coorg today offers travelers a perfect opportunity to savour every distinct flavour of this delicious land. Whether it be the characteristic cuisine ranging from the spicy pandhi (pork) curry or the Coorg koli (chicken) curry, or an exhaustive menu offering Indian, Chinese and continental delicacies. All laid out for you at Misty Woods, the multi-cuisine restaurant at Orange County - Coorg. That's not all. Orange County - Coorg offers you world-class facilities for meetings, conventions and incentive holidays with a difference - the perfect brew for and unforgettable holiday.

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