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4 Easy Steps To Better Coffee

After trying a few gourmet coffee recipes, you will find it’s not very hard to make great tasting coffee. But many people overlook 4 simple steps that will give them a significantly better cup every time. The following 4 steps will help every cup of coffee you make taste even better:

Clean Your Coffee Pot
Old oils and soap scum can be left in your pot from previous batches. This causes a stale taste to your coffee. Clean your coffee pot with baking soda and water, rinsing well to avoid any residue.

Use Clean Water
Approximately 98% of coffee is water, so it makes sense to use the best water possible. Starting with stale water will produce stale coffee. Likewise, if your tap water is heavily chlorinated, the coffee will not be at it’s best. You may want to try brewing your coffee with bottled water, or water that has been purified using either a filter jug or filter tap. The taste of your coffee will improve remarkably.

Use Unbleached Filters
Paper coffee filters often release dye, chlorine and other nasties into your coffee. By using brown, unbleached filters you can minimise the amount of nasties in your cup. For the dedicated, stainless steel or gold filters can be


Use Fresh Coffee
If you can put up with the inconvenience of grinding coffee beans before each brew, you will notice a big difference in the taste of your cuppa. Store your beans in a clean ceramic container, not in plastic or in the fridge. If you insist on using pre-ground coffee, then purchase good quality drip ground coffee. Don’t reheat your coffee once the water heated, this will only introduce unpleasant flavours.

By following these 4 easy steps, you are bound to notice an improvement in the taste of your coffee.

About the Author: provides free gourmet coffee recipes. Just follow the easy to read instructions and you can make expresso, mocha, cappuccino and latte based drinks like a professional barista.

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