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5 Steps to a 30 Day Body/Mind Transformation

If you're not happy with the skin you're in and would like to change it (and believe it's possible), you're ready for a 30 day body/mind transformation. Follow these steps to guarantee yourself a new experience with your body within 30 days!

1. What do you want?

First figure out what your target is. Is it a certain number on the scale? Fitting into a certain dress size? Losing a certain number of inches? Whatever you're shooting for, get clear on the essence of what you want. Likely it's just plain feeling good about your body, being comfortable in your clothes (or out of them), and/or proud of how you look.

Knowing what you're really seeking is crucial to getting results, so get clear on the true end result you're after.

2. Powerphrase

Next step: choose a new mantra. What's a mantra? Guaranteed you've already got one, you just might not realize it. It's the phrase (or phrases) you repeat to yourself (and probably others) day in and day out. To effect your 30 day turnaround, replace your old mantra with a powerful new one.

For example, maybe you have a habit of identifying yourself as someone who "carries a few extra pounds" or "always struggles with weight." These phrases are literally instructions to our cells ... what we say to ourselves manifests!

That's why this step calls for a new set of instructions. Make a new habit of telling yourself "Things are looking up!" or "Hot dang, I look good!" Maybe even a wolf whistle can serve as your new "mantra." Whatever it is, make it short, powerful and juicy.

This isn't like a tired old affirmation, but something energetic and new. Consider an empowering sentence from a movie or song or celebrity you love. Maybe James Brown's "I feel good!" or "Right here, right now" by Fatboy Slim, or Mr. Rogers' "I like you just the way you are."

3. Lighten the Load

Make room for good things to happen with your body by eliminating something not-so-good in your life. Whether it's a relationship, an outfit, a commute, a cluttered closet or a responsibility - identify something you're not enjoying and unload it.

Yes, it might be scary. Yes, it will be life-changing. Creating a vacuum makes space for something new to materialize. It will raise your vibration and dramatically enhance your 30 day body/mind transformation.

4. Collect Evidence

This step in your 30 day transformation involves becoming a detective of sorts. Look for evidence that things are going your way. Not just in the area of your physical fitness, but all areas of life. Notice when you have more

energy, when you receive compliments, when work goes smoothly, your nights out are more enjoyable, you have a great hair day or when extra money trickles in.

Notice and appreciate these things. You might start a list so you don't take them for granted. It's a sign your turnaround is in progress! As you notice these things going right, you'll find more and more evidence to add to the list!

It's also helpful to flow some appreciation for what you already love about your body - or life in general. A supportive partner? A green lawn? Stable job? Decent health? Full tank of gas? When you feel the gratitude for the good stuff, you get more good stuff.

5. Inspired Action Only

Stop doing things that don't feel good, and start doing things that do. This step by itself can get things moving physically immediately! It's easier said than done, but start with baby steps.

Instead of another 30 minutes on the treadmill, take the dog for a walk, try out yoga, or learn to belly dance. Rather than meeting the girls for lunch at the same old salad bar, treat yourself to food you truly enjoy at a new restaurant. This goes for all areas of life, too. Forget working another hour of overtime, goof off at the book store instead. Skip dinner at your sister's house, and catch a new release at the theater. Whatever it is for you, practice doing only things that feel good. Your body will love you for it!

Power Through It

Lastly, throughout these four weeks there will be times you get discouraged that it seems nothing's changed. Things are changing, you're just not seeing physical evidence yet. It's crucial you power through this period of believing, but not yet seeing. This is where the magic is! Knowing that things are getting better before they actually are.

Remember, this works! And it's only 30 days! Once you get to the other side of it, your MINDSET about your body will be transformed, which is what allows your BODY to follow suit!

Final Tip

All the body really needs to thrive is oxygen, water and love. Breathe deep, drink up, and love yourself and your cells to create your 30 day body/mind transformation!

About the author:

Jeannette Maw is an Attraction Coach and founder of Good Vibe Coaching in Salt Lake City, Utah; specializing in helping clients learn the 3 secrets to better bodies. For more information on creating your 30 day turnaround, and to get your free subscription to her Get What You Want monthly ezine, check out or contact Jeannette at / 801-596-0904.

Written by: Jeannette Maw

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