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The 1200 capacity, Liquid & Envy will offer customers an experience unrivalled by any late night venue in the area. The venue's concept will use innovative and stylish clubbing aesthetics to appeal to a wide variety of revellers as well as offer the best in entertainment. Top DJs and appearances from celebrity personalities are expected to draw in the crowds and inject a new sense of excitement and energy into Redhill nightlife.

Liquid Redhill, on Station Road, will combine superior sound and high-spec lighting technology to create both audio and visual spectaculars reaching new dimensions to improve the overall customer experience. The venue's predominantly white interior, which has become a trademark for the Liquid brand, is purposefully designed to allow powerful illuminations and dramatic lighting to create instant upbeat mood changes and bring the room to life in a kaleidoscope of colours and images.

One of its key features of Liquid's main room is a 360 wall of video screens surrounding the dance floor which are capable of displaying 'total immersion' music videos and stunning visual effects to synchronize with the DJ's beats.

Adding to the stylish profile of the new venue, Envy is an exclusive 260 capacity room complete with VIP area reserved for celebrities, guests of honour and is for over 25s only. Decorated in calming tones, fitted with comfy sofas and private seating booths to create a more intimate and chilled out atmosphere, Envy is perfect for relaxing and socialising with friends. However, only the best dressed will be able to enter Envy on particular evenings, so dress to impress and maybe you can become part of the Envy elite.

Some of the country's most talented DJs will feature weekly at Liquid & Envy playing a host of tracks from dance, RnB and hip hop to commercial disco

and classic tracks from the 70s to today - literally something for everyone.

Hayden Gowan general manager at the new Liquid & Envy, Redhill, said: "We have invested considerably in Redhill and we are delighted to bring such a diverse and versatile venue to the area, which we are confident will appeal to a wide market and be able to adapt according to the changing times and demands of late night entertainment.

"Redhill's Liquid is the latest of a succession of extremely successful nightclubs in the UK that is able to offer something for all tastes and preferences."

Liquid & Envy are now looking to recruit staff at all levels to join the team and be part of this exciting venture. If you are interested or have any queries, text Liquid-Redhill-Job to 81222 and you will receive a call promptly.

Further information about the opening weekend will be released shortly.


For further information, please contact:

Leigh Strathearn or Lydia Durkan at Verve Public Relations on 01908 275271 (Leigh Strathearn or Lydia Durkan)

Or alternatively contact:

Claire de Silva

Press & Public Relations Manager at Luminar Leisure

Tel: 01582 589489

Mob: 07900277665

Fax: 01582 589488
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Written by: Theo Chalmers

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