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2005 World Series of Poker -- Complete Report

Over 29,000 poker players came to Las Vegas from 40
different countries all over the earth to play in the 2005
World Series of Poker tournament events. This generated a
total net prize pool of over $103,000,000 dollars, more than
twice the total prize pool amount in 2004. New records were
being made and old ones being broken so fast the challenge
was to keep up with them all. Here is a "complete report" of
what went on at this years World Series of Poker. It is
complete because it covers tournament events #1 to #45.

Records were being made from the start as 662 casino
employees entered Event #1 which was the "Casino Employee
No-limit Hold'Em" tournament. The number broke the record
set last year, which was 279 entrants. Andy Nguyen, a poker
dealer from Binion’s in Las Vegas, won this event earning a
payday of $83,390. Things really picked up as Event #2
"No-Limit Texas Hold'Em" began with an astounding 2,305
players signing up to play. For comparison, the 2004 WSOP
Main Event had 2,576 players in it. Allen Cunningham was the
recipient of a WSOP gold bracelet and $725,405 for winning
this one. Event #3 "Pot-Limit Hold'Em" had Thom Werthmann
pocketing $369,535 by overcoming tough play from Layne Flack
in the heads up match at the final table. Another WSOP
record was set when 21 year old Eric Froehlich became the
youngest person to earn a WSOP championship bracelet by
winning Event #4 "Limit Hold'Em" and an additional $361,910
for his efforts. Pat Poels who quit his full time job to
become a professional poker player won event #5 "Omaha
Hi-Low Split". His paycheck that day was $270,100. Isaac
Galazan won Event #6 "No-limit Hold'Em" a shootout
tournament by defeating a determined Harry Demetriou and
took home $315,125 for becoming champion.

Event #7 "No-Limit Hold'Em with Rebuys" was won by 24 year
old poker tournament millionaire Michael Gracz, picking up
an additional $594,460 for the win. But Michael said he
would give up all the winnings just to have the WSOP
bracelet, that's how much it meant to him. Event #8 "Seven
Card Stud" had online qualifier Cliff Josephy claim the
victory and $192,100. Erik Seidel picked up his 6th WSOP
bracelet and $611,795 after winning the Event #9 "No-Limit
Hold'Em" tournament. Reza Payvar who saw a marathon 13 hour
heads up match to the end, won Event #10 "Limit Hold'Em".
Reza, who received $303,610 and a WSOP bracelet, stated he
dedicated the win to his father who passed away last year.
Reza missed the 2004 WSOP to be with his father who had
cancer. Online qualifier Edward Moncada won Event #11
"Pot-Limit Hold'Em" receiving his first WSOP bracelet and
$298,070. The winner of Event #12 "Pot Limit Omaha" was Josh
Arieh who earned his 2nd gold WSOP bracelet along with a
$381,600 payday.

In his 58th major tournament win, T.J. Cloutier picked up
his 6th WSOP bracelet by winning the Event #13 "No Limit
Hold'Em" event and pocketing $657,100 in the process. Event
#14 "Seven-Card Stud High-Low Split" lasted 36 hours, but in
the end Steve Hohn picked up his bracelet and $156,985.
Steve even endured a 4 1/2 hour heads up battle with Mike
Wattel at the final table to capture this tournament
victory! Mark Seif was able to place a desired crown on his
poker resume by winning Event #15 "Limit Hold'Em Shootout"
and $181,330 in his wallet. The champion for the Event #16
"No-Limit Hold'Em Shootout" tournament was Anthony Reategui,
proving himself the best of 780 players for the title of
champion and $269,100. Quinn Do ended up with $265,975 for
winning Event #17's "Limit Hold'Em" tournament. Denis Ethier
came from behind as the final table's short stack to win
Event #18 "Seven Card Stud High-Low Split". Denis was
rewarded with $160,682 for his effort. And Barry Greenstein
became the champion of the Event #19 "Pot Limit Omaha"
tournament gaining another $423,405 and a bracelet. Barry in
his true humanitarian form dedicated his win to a terminally
ill cancer patient named Charlie Tuttle. For Event #20 which
was "Pot Limit Hold'Em", Brian Wilson won $370,685 for his
efforts at the WSOP.

Todd Brunson, son of Doyle Brunson was the winner of the
Event #21 "Omaha High-Low Split" tournament. Todd won
$255,945 and entered World Series of Poker history, as he
and his father became the only father and son to win
championship bracelets. And Mark Seif captured his 2nd WSOP
bracelet in a week plus $611,145 to boot by winning the
Event #22 "No-Limit Hold'Em" tournament.

Event #23 "Seven Card Stud" had a happy Jan Sorensen from
Denmark ready to take home $293,275 and a

bracelet for
winning this tournament. Event #24 "No Limit Hold'Em" was
won by the very serious, solid playing Farzad Bonyadi who
earned $594,960 for the effort. In Event #25 "Pot-Limit
Hold'Em", Johnny Chan won his 10th WSOP bracelet breaking a
3-way tie with him, Doyle Brunson and Phil Hellmuth Jr.,
setting a record in the process. Johnny picked up a hefty
$303,025 as well. Actress Jennifer Tilly turned heads again
by winning Event #26 "Ladies No-Limit Hold'Em". She actually
dominated final table play against top women poker players
in the world to win $158,335 and a bracelet you can't buy in
a store anywhere. Expect no less from the girlfriend of Phil
"Unabomber" Laak. Phil Ivey overcame a determined Robert
Williamson III to win Event #27 "Pot Limit Omaha with
Rebuys" earning his 5th gold WSOP bracelet and $630,685. Dan
Schmiech won $404,585 by winning against actor Gabe Kaplan
in the Event #28 "Limit Hold'em" tournament. Event #29 "No
Limit Hold'Em" has Lawrence Gosney as this years champion
pocketing $483,195 for the win. Now Event #30 "Seven Card
Razz" is actually a little tough to understand and play, but
O'Neil Longson proved he could do it and took home $125,690
as proof.

The 3-way tie Johnny Chan broke earlier became a tie again
as Doyle Brunson won the Event #31 "No-limit Hold'Em (Short
Handed 6/table)" tournament earning his 10th WSOP bracelet
and $367,800 once again showing how his legendary reputation
was earned. Event #32 "Omaha High-Low Split" was won by
David Chiu taking home his 4th bracelet and $347,410. Andre
Boyer, a poker analyst for TV station Le Réseau des Sports
in Quebec won Event #33 "No Limit Hold'Em" who's skill was
rewarded with a $682,810 payday. Event #34 "Seniors No Limit
Hold'Em" has a new champion who's name is Paul McKinney.
Paul, who is 80 years old, can relax in the sun after
depositing $202,725 in his bank account. Rafi Amit won Event
#35 "Pot Limit Omaha" and $511,835 after becoming victorious
in a heads up battle with Vinny Vinh.

A dominate Todd Witteles won Event #36 "Limit Hold'em"
knocking out opponents left and right to take home the
bracelet and $347,385. Event #37 "No Limit Hold'Em with
Rebuys" was won by Jon Heneghan taking home $611,015 in the
process. Event #38 was a super satellite tournament for
seats to the Main Event, so no prize pool or list of winners
was produced. Event #39 "No Limit 2 to 7 Draw Lowball with
Rebuys" had David Grey as the champion who was heralded with
$365,135. Event #40 was also a super satellite like #38 so
there is nothing to report unfortunately. When it came time
for raising money for charity, the media and celebrities in
Event #41 showed up at the tables. Randy Bowman of the media
won $10,000 for the Noblesville Boys and Girls Club.

Event #42 is the WSOP Main Event, the big tournament where
millionaires are born. This year the first place prize was
$7,500,000 and every person who made the final table became
a millionaire guaranteed. 5,619 entrants competed in the
tournament making it the largest in WSOP history. In fact it
was so large that it had to be spread out over 9 days. 2004
champion Greg Raymer made it up to 25th place before
elimination, receiving $304,680 for his efforts. But it was
Joseph Hachem who became champion for this year, pocketing
the $7.5 million and a beautiful diamond bracelet that can
only be earned by winning the Main Event.

For those who were busted out of the Main Event, they found
additional tournaments for play in Events #43, #44 and #45
which were 1 day events. Ron Kirk beat out players like Erik
Seidel and Marcel Luske to take home $321,520 for winning
the Event #43 "No Limit Hold'Em" tournament. Event #44 "No
Limit Hold'Em" was won by John Pires who received $220,935
for his victory. And the Event #45 "No Limit Hold'Em" winner
was Willie Tann who happily received his bracelet and
$188,335 for 1 day's work! Not bad at all.

With the sheer size of this event and a total number of
staff and players that could make up a small city, it is
hard to think of anything the poker world could do to
surpass it. But Harrah's has already released the 2006 World
Series of Poker Tournament Circuit schedule and it is
expanded from 2005's five tournaments to twelve, so we'll
have to wait and see. Poker on TV will keep us all happy
until then.

About the Author

Tom Howze is a webmaster for 9 sites that relate to 2005 World Series of Poker and World Poker Tour events, updates and information.

Written by: Tom Howze

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