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10 Free Romantic Gifts

Being in love does not mean that you should turn overnight to be an extravagant spender. Love is beautiful when it is simple and true.

If you are running out of cash and yet your heart is full of love for your other half, you don't have to sigh in despair. There are some free gifts which you can give to your lover without spending a dime. Unrealistic? Read on...

1. A Poem

Writing a poem is one of the best ways to touch the other person's heart. After all, the words are straight from your heart and like they say 'nothing moves a lover more than true words spoken from the soul!'

2. A Love Letter

Yes, writing a love letter doesn't cost a cent and yet it's simple and so sweet..

3. E-Card

A e-card is another free gift to lavish your other half. Across miles this gift delivers your message fast and easily with no fuss!

4. Hug

Touch is the most intimate gesture for all humans. A hug a day brings us all closer to feeling loved and cherished!

5. A Song

Write a song for your special one and sing it.

6. Make a Card

Making a paper card is easy and so much fun. Once again it

is so cost-free.

7. Dance

When was the last time that both of you danced together? Dance is an interesting activity which does not need a dime and yet it creates so much fun!

8. Romantic Walk

Walking under the stars is romantic and it creates a good opportunity for both of you to spend quality time together alone.

9. Dedication

Dedicating a song to your lover on the radio is another thing to consider.

10. I Love You

How many of us do actually say the words? Some couples take love for granted and think that the 3 words are not that necessary. On the other hand saying the words doesn't cost you anything and yet it brings you closer to the one you love.

Anusuya Veth, a romantic at heart is the author of 'Cupid Traps'. Besides penning poems & stories when the mood strikes she also runs her own content portals 'Wow Mag', 'Celebrity Jam' and her accessories store 'Anya'. You can download her ebook 'Cupid Traps' at

Written by: Anusuya Veth

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