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Ask Mr. D - Offline Advertising

Dear Mr. D,

I operate an online gift shop. With the
holidays coming, I would to do some
offline advertising. But, I have checked
the ad rates for my local newspapers,
radio stations and TV station and all
their prices are astronomical.

My question is do you know of any effective
offline advertising resources that don't cost
an arm and a leg?


Sharon in Houston


Dear Sharon in Houston,

Offline advertising can a very effective
way to promote any web business, but
as you discovered, it is very expense.

However I know a couple of very savvy
online business people that use a low
tech form of offline advertising that works
very well and doesn't cost much.

They use a word processing program to
make up handbills promoting their

business and distribute them by the
thousands. The only cost is the paper
and toner for their copy machine.

The distribution cost is their time and
they enjoy getting outdoors a few hours
each week, besides it is great exercise.

They take the handbill door-to-door and
place them under the windshield wipers
of autos at various malls.

Give this a try, but be sure to check the
laws in your area about such activity.

Good luck and let me know how it works
for you. I will share your experience with
my readers.

About the Author

Bill Daugherty. Do you have an advertising or marketing
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Written by: Bill Daugherty

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