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10 Ways To Advertise For Free

Tips on free advertising
Free advertising takes a lot of time, but you can make it work for you.

Here are some suggestions to help you get started

1. Free classifieds and Free for all links pages. To find free classified sites to advertise one simply type free classifieds into your favorite search engine.

2. Place an ad or banner in your email signature line

3. Start your own newsletter, e-zine or email group. Yahoo groups has a very easy to use system.

4. Print out offline ads and post them at your local stores, on telephone poles or anywhere people will see them.

5. If you have a web page use some hit exchange programs like

6. Talk about your program or product to your friends and family!

7. Consider getting your own website. If you can't afford a domain name and hosting yet, sites

like and and yahoo geocities offer free sub domains and hosting.

8. After you have your website set up you can use a tracking method like the one at site to see exactly where your website visitors are coming from.

9. Write articles on subjects you know about and submit them to websites needing content. Put a link to your web page at the bottom of your article

10. Get some business cards made up or print out your own and send them out with all your outgoing mail. Even bills! You never know if the person opening that envelope might be looking for just what you have to offer.

About the Author

Quintarsa Malone is the owner of She is a single mother of two little boys and lives in Northern Indiana.

Written by: Quintarsa Malone

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